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“We had the privilege of having Sherri as our photographer for our engagement and wedding photos. Logan was very nervous about having his picture taken as he is not big on smiling- his famous line is that he is smiling on the inside. By the time we finished our engagement photos there were smiles all around. Sherri is able to make you feel so relaxed and important. She has such a happy and quirky personality. We were so pleased with our photos…We probably looked at them every day for a week straight. As we are expecting our first baby in July we are already anticipating Sherri taking our baby’s photos”.

– Janine & Logan Graham


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“My husband and I  decided we didn’t want traditional wedding pictures when we got married. Due to  the push and pull, the strict time line involved in them, and having so many  structured staged photos taken seemed unnatural. We wanted to be present at our  wedding, not taken away from it. You are being put in these awkward positions  and being told where to stand, what to do, when to kiss etc. We did not want to  look back at our wedding photos and remember how the kiss was staged and the  laugh was timed. However, when we decided years later we wanted pictures of the  two of us due to not having any, we contacted Sherri from Pear Tree. It was  surprisingly relaxed and fun. The shoot did not involve standing still for photo  after photo to be taken. There was no standing still in an awkward pose while we  held a shaking smile. She told us to just talk, walk, kiss, hug, laugh, hangout  and just be. Be in love and she will shoot it. She guided us and made the  process unique and thrilling. She would tell us to walk towards her, but never  telling us how. She would tell us to kiss without structuring how. The photos  were us. The real us being captured and our real love shining through. Our  laughs were genuine, our smiles were real, and our kissing was done in moments  of love. Sherri was fun to work with, open on what was expected of us, and she  rolled with whatever hit us. Whether it was rain, wind, or a puddle being  splashed by a car, she can make it work better than anyone I’ve ever seen with a  camera. Her ability to capture what is truly in front of her makes it seem the  camera is not even there. It is just friends gathering, spending time together,  and making memories to last a lifetime. When I look at the photos Sherri has  taken of my husband and I, I remember him whispering in my ear how he loved me,  and how he felt we were alone in this world at that moment. I remember the smell  of the salt air by the water, the brush of the mist on my face from the rain to  come. I have memories of a day, not a photo shoot. Sherri made an ordinary day  spectacular, an ordinary moment magical. She is capturing what we can’t see. She  can capture love in her photos. Sherri’s creative ideas for photography is  something I will continue to go back to time and time again, and someday with my  children. I know she will capture the real moments, not the staged ones”.

-Jody Columbus

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“From the moment we had booked Sherri for our wedding in July 2013, we were very excited about getting to work with her after hearing so many great things about her and the work she does. Well, on our wedding day she far exceeded our expectations!! She was an absolute pleasure to work with; she kept the entire day running very smooth by keeping everything on a schedule which was perfect. Every single person she came in contact with that day loved her presence, her humour and the professionalism with which she did her work! We can’t wait to work with Sherri in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone”!

– Chris & Nicola Anderson


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“Sherri tells a story through each project she undertakes, but her style is so organic, none of her work feels contrived or false. You always feel at ease when she photographs you, and she just has that unique ability to always make you feel beautiful, inside, and out. We love working with Sherri, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come”!

-Kate, Brian & Stella Burns


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“We were thrilled to have Sherri with us on our wedding day. Not only was she professional, but she made everyone comfortable with her amazing sense of humour.  We received the photos promptly as promised, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  Sherri has this amazing ability to put everyone at ease, so their true personality shines though the photos.  Amazing day, amazing photographer”!

-Devon&Ernie Morrison


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“As a fellow photographer, I often find it hard to connect with other photographers the way I’ve connected with Sherri! I think it’s important to have a good attitude and to be able connect and form relationships with other professionals in your industry. Unfortunately not many want to do this because why would you be friends with your competition? I think the opposite when it comes to this, and I am very thankful Sherri feels the same way. After spending time together, I often feel inspired and excited about the future. I’ve also had the opportunity to work alongside Sherri while shooting video at a wedding and I must say she was born to be a photographer. There is so much more to this business than just being able to take nice photos (which she clearly has mastered) and personality is just as important. If you’ve met Sherri, you know she does not lack in personality. She is fun, hilarious and a joy to be around at any given time. I’m so excited to see where this business will take her, and there is no doubt in my mind it will take her to high places. I could sit here all day and say the most wonderful things about this lady, but the most important thing I can say is you will not regret hiring Sherri for anything”!

-Brittany MacLeod


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“Sherri has a natural talent that is not learned or copied, this artistic lady loves what she does and it shows in her work. My family and I have had numerous shoots with Sherri, and every time have been over the moon pleased with the images she captures. Sherri is always genuinely excited about her work and she really makes the whole process so much fun. I’m not the type who enjoys having a camera focused on me but with Sherri behind the lens all those nerves fade away because she just has a natural way of making you feel so comfortable! In fact she usually has me laughing so much I forget my nerves:)Sherri has done a large family photo shoot for me as well as my maternity and baby pics, all which turned out more beautiful than I could hope for. I will always think of Sherri when I want to capture those special moments in my life and I would recommend Sherri to anyone looking for the same”!

-Toula Sifnakis Joseph

  • Terri Lynn Evoy - Sherri is beautifully talented and her personality is absolutely infectious! She is a ball of energy and I love it! When we finally got engaged, I could not wait to book Sherri! She did both our engagement and wedding photos and we could not possibly love our photos more. Her style is professional yet extremely fun loving, which made us feel very comfortable, and never felt like we were awkwardly posing. Sherri’s creativity and style paired with her organizational abilities made our wedding day run smoothly! She was helpful through the whole wedding process. I can honestly say Pear Tree Photography is not your run of the mill photography experience; her work breathes comfort and warmth her use of natural sunlight makes for beautiful photos. We can never thank you enough for being so awesome!ReplyCancel

    • sherripoirier - Thank you so much Terri Lynn. Gosh that was so nice of you to say! It was so great to get to know you & Ryan. Photography is what I love to do and working with kind people like you both makes it that much more enjoyable!ReplyCancel

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