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This is always one of the first things I discuss with my clients after booking a session. Thanks goodness the days of everyone wearing jeans and white t-shirts are long gone but I will admit many of us have fallen victim to that fad, including myself. The proof remains hanging on my mother in-laws wall. That being said, I  also don’t want people to think you have to head to the mall and buy all new out fits before getting your photos taken. It really is about working with what you have. You want photos to reflect your personality and style and how is that possible when everyone is wearing the same color or same thing? Here are a few tips to help you out with the wardrobe planning process:


Not everyone needs to wear say the same exact colour. If you are still drawn to that concept then at the very least where different shades of that of that color. For example if it was blue that you choose not everyone has to wear that colour in a shirt. If the color you are talking about is blue.. someone could have a blue dress, another could have a navy scarf, or a chunky blue stoned necklace etc.

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Texture and print can really add depth to a photo. It also really helps to give your photos personality. I always say you can  always pull off more in photos then you can just walking down the street. So I say better to be more bold than not enough. So an example of print could be a polka- a dot dress or a funky floral blazer. I always have people send me some ideas of what they are thinking so I can help if they need/want it. Also it is always a good idea to bring a  few extra pieces of clothes in case we want to throw a chunky necklace or a cardigan to spice things up! I tend to love vibrant colors but then again I also love soft shades like a melon color and creams.

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Accessories really do add to your photos. Whether it is a belt, scarf, necklace or earrings, I highly recommend incorporating some into your wardrobe selection. Even the smallest accessory can make a big impact. It never hurts to bring along a few of your favourite accessories to jazz up your shoot!

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