A Little Piece of Me

this is my path 300ppiPIN IT

I wish I could say I spent endless hours as a child playing with my Dad’s old Polaroid, snapping shots of  my cat Snowball sprawled out in the cracks of sunshine that surged through my bedroom window. That was not the case, I had no idea that photography was something I would be interested in and more importantly something I would fall in love with. But it is that simple, I discovered it and I love it! It consumes me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I LOVE the clicking sound my camera makes . I love the weight of the camera in my hands, the power it holds to essentially preserve time.

I SEEK inspiration from the smell of the crisp morning air, the hues of pink and gold casting through a sunset and the sound of leaves crunching beneath my rubber boots.

I AM silly and certainly not shy although I admire those who are.  I am scarred physically and flawed figuratively yet  and those who truly know me, love me for these.

This page would not be fully representative of me without mentioning my greatest source of bliss … my forever boyfriend Adam (sounds better than husband), my sweet and spicy little girl Molly, and my precious newborn boy, Milo.  Their smiles, their light, remain the most significant part of my every day.

This is my path… run with me!

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