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My little girl is four and I can’t believe it.  We celebrated her birthday at a cute  little playground where she ate cake, cupcakes, popcorn, played with sparklers and swung on the swings until just about sunset!  I love birthdays and this years theme was Sparkle! It was cute and I managed to supress my tackiness and was quite pleased with the outcome. She clearly had so much fun and I can honestly say I did too! Even Adam left with a smile on his face!

So some thank you’s are certainly in order:

Thank You #1  goes to Scott Morrison owner of Flavor. He made these delicious picnic style sandwiches for everyone to snack on. From PB and jam, chicken almond apricot wraps, smoked meat and even veggie! They were so delicious and adorably wrapped in black and white newspaper parchment paper.   He personally delivered them to the party. Amazing and I would recommend their catering for any event big or small!

Thank You #2 goes to Jessie Deleskie  Owner of The Cocoa Pod Sweet Catering.  I feel like her work says it all. Its impeccable and beautiful all at the same time.  Her treats help to make the party and they perfectly complemented the party décor! I cant thank her enough for her time and talent that I continue to milk!

Thank You # 3- My Sister, Her Boys ( Cruz and Nico), Ana & Sue – for helping me set up for the party. I always under estimate how much time it takes and they were their with Adam and I hanging things, moving tables and doing whatever they could to make things run smoothly! Thanks so much! Sue thanks for watching the kids so we could tackle the decorating and thanks for getting them dressed and ready! You are a great friend that I can always rely on!

Thank You #5- To all her Friends and Family for coming to make her feel special on her birthday.  You all are what made her day! Mom we missed you again this year but we know you will be home soon from the hospital and we can re-celebrate. I know Molly won’t mind doing that! Love you!

Thank You #6- To My Aunt Virginia who made Molly’s special birthday dress and Milo’s bow tie.  It turned out so cute! We appreciate it so much that you wanted to do this for her. You are a great Aunt to myself and Renee and the same to Molly and Milo. We love you!

The last Thank You to our little, not so little girl, Molly.  You are the most amazing little girl and we love you beyond words. Every day is a surprise with you and you keep us on our toes. You also are so forgiving and loving, have a beautiful appreciation for nature and a sense of curiosity that I hope you never lose.  We love you just the way you are Molly!

Happy Birthday Molly!

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