Sheryl | Maternity

This little mother daughter duo shoot was just too precious! Sheryl is expecting a new baby this summer (so really it is a trio) and I was thrilled to capture some special time with her little girl, Billie.  Billie is clearly the apple of Sheryl’s eye and although there is a new baby on the way, that will never change!

This was my third or fourth time photographing Sheryl and I really do love that she keeps coming back!  She is always open to my ideas and together we always come up with something special. I love that we collaborate on these shoots together discussing locations, wardrobe etc.  I love being a part of the creative process in every shoot I do! Again such a magical time in out lives when expecting a new baby and I am glad to have given Sheryl memories of how beautiful and graceful she looks and more importantly the connection she shares with her little girl Billie!

Thanks so much Sheryl and I am excited to meet your new addition this summer!

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