Kirsten & Bridesmaids | Styled

MORE PLEASE! I just love this idea of the Ultimate Pre Wedding Bridesmaids Shoot that we launched last month.  It is a day to simply connect before the wedding and also a way to truly capture the authenticity of your friendships in a glamorized way!  Kirsten is one lucky girl with friends who went out of their way to surprise her with this shoot.  She was so excited and I was so excited to do another one of these styled sessions!

I was not as excited when I checked the weather forecast. Rain and more Rain. We had no choice but to go ahead  with the shoot because some of the girls were visiting from Halifax so I knew I had to make it work.  The girls were absolutely amazing to work with and could care less  that it was not so pleasant outside. But we made it work and I can honestly say that it created for some really beautiful shots. The muted light up against their jewel toned outfits was really pretty!  These girls could have fun anywhere and this was a true testament.

Thanks so much ladies for this  wonderful experience and I hope I get to do these more often! A huge thanks to Jenn Green who assisted me on this shoot. She kept me dry and therefore my camera dry and was such a great help getting the girls organized. You are the best!

Ok Lovelies… Here we go!

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